Death- Friday Rambling -Wk 19

It’s a morbid topic, but an inevitable one, given that our time on this Earth will, at some point, come to an end.

Most of us don’t know in advance the circumstances of our “demise.” Most might prefer a quick and peaceful end in their sleeping hours. It makes sense…no awareness or pain, merely thinking they are laying down for another night of rest like any other.

But, imagine if we were given a two-week notice or even a two-day notice. That would change things.

Two days.

Day one: Tearfully and peacefully expressing my love to those I care about.

Day two: Traveling to a meadow I knew as a child and laying down. The sun would kiss my face, while I closed my eyes, inhaling the smells of the grass and wildflowers around me. The foliage moved by a gentle breeze would tickle my bare feet, while birds chattered about all manner of topics.

I’d lay there until the sun fell and the stars shone, remembering my life. The good, the bad…the in between.

I don’t want to die under fluorescent lighting with beeping noises all around. Can I forego the plastic mattress and pillow? The smell of antiseptic cleaners? An IV line in my arm?

As the stars twinkle, a smile crosses my lips. I remember running through this meadow as a child, with no concern for what tomorrow held. No worry about choices or painful losses. Plucking a fig off the nearby tree before dipping my feet in the creek.

Life is sweet and refreshing. So many new experiences to enjoy when steeped in youth.

The stars go dark for a longer period of time until they are not to be seen again.

A last breath. The final heart beat.


It, too, is sweet and refreshing as now I am steeped in age.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends- I love you! ❤

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” – Willy Shakespeare

“…well done good and faithful servant…” – Matthew 25:23

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