Coming in June 2021:

Museum Underground



Simon Handler’s photographic memory, once a treasure to the Quadra government, has now been deemed a dangerous risk. But, risk or not, he’s their last and only option.

In 2087, at the age of 32, he’s plucked out of hiding and given a final opportunity to prove his worth. Assigned to a Baton Rouge museum, Simon’s tasked with infiltrating a resistance group suspected of illegally preserving American history…an offense punishable by death.

He develops compassion for the resistance’s cause as he navigates the unique ways of the South. When an unlikely informant notifies Simon of an imminent threat, he must immediately decide where his loyalty will fall.

Simon’s future and everyone’s past depends on it.


The Line of Enya Series

Books One, Two and Three ~ Available on Amazon

The Final Book Coming March 2022


Behold Ellowee


Scotia’s Grave

all three covers

Ass in A Ditch

Musings on the Christian faith.