Imbalanced- Friday Rambling- WK 7

So many people tout the balanced life as something to aspire to. Not only is the appeal lost on me, but the reality of anything deemed "balanced" seems comical. Take, for instance, my children. If one of them is in desperate need of money, time, advice, you think I say, wait a minute, I… Continue reading Imbalanced- Friday Rambling- WK 7

Spilled Milk- Friday Rambling Wk 6

Every time I read an article or hear a person start a sentence with..."there are two different kinds of people in the world," I want to say, no, you couldn't possibly categorize the entire world population into two groups. Take mushrooms, for example. Just when you think you could classify people as either lovers or… Continue reading Spilled Milk- Friday Rambling Wk 6