Impatience – Friday Rambling – Wk 23

Patient: Bearing pains or trials calmly and without complaint. I've never been overly patient, nor am I a good patient. I'm not proud of these facts, but I think I've made strides. Although, not as quickly as I could have. (I lack patience with myself just as much as anything else, but it pleases me… Continue reading Impatience – Friday Rambling – Wk 23

Grocery Shopping- Friday Rambling – Wk 22

There is no way to pinpoint the day or time it happened...that moment when grocery shopping became comparable to a dentist visit.  Maybe it was a culmination of many things. The carts, for example, should not be stored in a way where only a well-placed grenade can separate them. Once I know where my favorite… Continue reading Grocery Shopping- Friday Rambling – Wk 22