Gut Reaction- Friday Rambling- Wk 15

This week, there has been some jack-hammering going on in my neighborhood. The construction project is a couple doors down, but I would swear they were right outside my house. The way the sound invaded my stomach and the dogs reacted, you would have thought the crew had taken to my driveway. It's reminiscent of… Continue reading Gut Reaction- Friday Rambling- Wk 15

Compliance – Friday Rambling Week 13

Compliance is a tricky, misleading word. Even the definition is a bit contradictory when attempting to define all the nuances of the locution. Compliance: 1a: The act or process of complying to a desire, demand, proposal, or regimen or to coercion. 1b: Conformity in fulfilling official requirements. 2: a disposition to yield to others 3: the ability of an object to… Continue reading Compliance – Friday Rambling Week 13