Spring Fever- Friday Rambling Wk 9

What is it about sunshine and warmer weather that perks me up, making me more…hmm. I’m not sure what word to use that would accurately describe my state of being. More joyful? Engaged? Imaginative? Focused? Hopeful? It’s a combination of so many things.

This weekend we spring ahead an hour which means the days will be longer. It feels like those extra hours of sunlight provide more opportunity to…hmm. (Again, so many directions to go here).

You’d think someone who uses words as often as I do would be able to succinctly explain, but I’m failing miserably. Spring will do that to a person- have you meandering down fantastical paths, unable to describe the journey.

I may not be able to clearly explain all the nuances of Spring, but I intend to enjoy them.

During this time of year, both my youthful memories and the memories I have of my children’s youth become more vivid.

Opening windows to breath in the season leads to fresh ideas, heightened energy and more smiles. A breeze is a welcome guest in Spring as it’s able to carry away with it some worries when it goes.

Spring fever is not an actual medical condition, but it’s a real phenomenon. And, of all the marvels in this world, Spring is one of my favorite.

Love you, friends!! ❤ Breathe deep this weekend!

“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.” – Bernard Williams

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