Formulas – Friday Rambling – Wk 24

Life does not abide by any formula. Too many people in this world think that if they traverse a certain path, complete outlined tasks or follow specific rules that it will produce a desired outcome. Not true. Sure, there are instances where people get close or brush up against perceived "success." Some may even claim… Continue reading Formulas – Friday Rambling – Wk 24

Birdsong- Friday Rambling – Wk 21

I fully intended to write a snarky PSA on "Blinkers- How Drivers Should Use Them." It would have explained their intended use, where they're located, and all other manner of highly sarcastic fare. My fingers were poised to type, while my mind generated outlandish repartee. Suddenly, a bird sang outside my window. Not the normal… Continue reading Birdsong- Friday Rambling – Wk 21