Weary of Fear

I'm exhausted by the continual onslaught of fear-based (fill-in-the-blank). There are things, people or situations to be fearful of, but to live your life as a slave to fear is such a tiresome path. Fear infects our decision-making processes. We choose to stand still, lingering in the "fear of the unknown," manufacturing all the scary… Continue reading Weary of Fear

Priorities- Friday Rambling- Wk 5

There hasn't been a quiet moment this week. If not in life- in my head. I'm not sure what to call that. It may be "overthinking," but can you do that if you're not an over-thinker? The term has always felt like it involved an obsessive personality, one who carefully and methodically descends their thoughts… Continue reading Priorities- Friday Rambling- Wk 5