March Madness

I’m not talking about basketball, although I did enjoy watching Loyola surprise everyone.

Rather, the word madness is referring to the events of the last month. If you remember, back in February, I thought I had it all figured out. Working part-time…writing more…enjoying options.

Life is such a tease and I was temporarily delusional.

Suffice it to say, there are still options, but not as many. I’m going to have to squeeze in writing, just as I had before. But, writing is important, much like drawing in the next breath. 

I often wonder how other writers spin their craft. I was recently asked to read a few pages of a friend’s work and it was brilliant…I mean- amazing. The content, the ideas, the way it described the scene (where I could see it vividly in my mind, but it didn’t direct me into a corner): genius. The compliments flowed.

And then, I got a little irritated. I didn’t mean to. It was beyond my control. It’s like she was keeping a secret from me. There was a need to retrieve the recipe: Where were you when you wrote this? What mood were you in? What time of day was this written? Did you know what you were going to write before you sat down? How did you do this?

Madness. I never asked any of those questions but, instead, came to my senses. Writing is similar to cooking. A recipe can be shared, that includes all the right ingredients and measurements but, in the end, the finished dishes (books) will be different.

We also have to remember, as writers, that opinions are just that- opinions. Someone may not like a story you’ve written, but you wrote it well. They may not like a character that you wrote, but it’s your favorite. You may send your “baby” out to publishers or agents, only to be told it’s not what they’re looking for, at this time. You may never receive a response.

So many people ask how I’ve finished two books. My answer is easy- I write. 300 words a day, at least.  300 words for 300 days is 90,000. The other 65 days can be used to polish, edit, work on the cover, etc. And you have a book a year. (This post alone is 417 words).

My first book took three years to finish but, in my defense, math was never my “thing.” 😉

Write on, people…write on.

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” – Mark Twain   



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