Let it go…

Three little words in the English language that, when found randomly in sentences, don’t affect a person much. But, when these words dance around, partying with each other…and the conga-line of words spits out the term: “let it go?” Houston, we have a problem.

If you read my last blog about crushing 2018, this is where my goal has led me. I’ll be writing a blog every month about how (or if) I’m conquering 2018 like I had planned. It seems like a simple little concept…until this.

I’ve never considered myself someone who couldn’t let things go. Bitterness has got to be one of the most dangerous, life-altering obsessions in humanity. It grows like a weed, without concern for its thorns. It scares me…and rightfully so.

During this first month of the year, inventory was taken. You can hardly expect to gauge any improvement if one is not honest with their starting point.

So, if I wasn’t bitter, but still had things in my life holding me down- what gives? When the light bulb lit up over my head (or God revealed my ignorance- take your pick), I cried, laughed…had a bit of a breakdown.

The problem is that I’ve had so much piled on top of me these last few years,  that it became impossible to stand. It wasn’t that I was holding onto things- it was that the “things” were much too heavy to move. They kept me still, feeling helpless.

This month, one at a time, I will peel them off of me and not merely let them go, but throw them. Disappointment, sadness, grief…bye bye. You may visit once in a while, but you can’t paralyze me anymore. We’re breaking up because it’s not working out. It’s not me- it’s you.

And not everyone is ready for “letting go.” Maybe it’s merely time to loosen your grip.




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