Balancing the Myth

I haven’t written a blog on this website in a couple of months. My original plan was to make sure I was penning something at least once a month. But, enter life and all of its gloriously annoying distractions.

Work has been the culprit these last few months.  It has sucked the time from my days like a vampire would drain a body, with little remorse or apathy.

Work, work, work…very little play.

A well-meaning friend told me that life needs to be lived with balance in mind. That’s when I told her what she could do with her balance. 

This is the problem with all the advice everyone is dishing out: it’s just another opportunity to keep track of something, to judge…to fall short. No thank you. 

Let’s face it- if you’re living a life, balance is an unobtainable illusion. And, my rebel cry is: down with balance. Down with being praised for living a perfectly orchestrated life…crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s. Down with the energy and concentration it takes to maintain balance, waiting for the inevitable faltering when reality comes for a visit. Down with people using the word balance like it’s a magic potion for all.

The balance of trying to please others, while still trying to please yourself…just stop. The idea that a balanced life is a better life…laughable.

If I need to concentrate on work for a couple of months, then that’s what I’ll do. If my children need me, then that’s where my time will be spent. If I get to write to my heart’s desire, then I welcome the opportunity. If a friend calls in the middle of the night, then I go.

The myth is that if you’re not living a life in balance- it must be one of chaos. Untrue.

There is this beautiful middle ground where you get to calmly look between the scales of balance and the din of chaos and know you’ve found just the right spot. 






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