Change- Friday Rambling- Week 17

Such a tricky word...change. For instance, I'd never have written an incomplete sentence like that twenty years ago because it broke the rules. Even writing rules have changed. Contractions were discouraged in writing, whereas now, it seems laborious to read out complete words. We're encouraged to use them! One of my favorite quotes about change… Continue reading Change- Friday Rambling- Week 17

Bravery- Friday Rambling- Week 16

As a thunderstorm travels over the area in which I live, I spy one of my dogs cowering behind our couch. This dog, mind you, is a killer of anything unlawfully treading in our yard. RIP to two rabbits, three squirrels and a possum. Also, my apologies to a skunk who barely escaped the trauma,… Continue reading Bravery- Friday Rambling- Week 16