June is always a very interesting month. It’s the month of my birth, but I’m not a big fan of celebrating my own birthday. I’ll be there in a minute to celebrate someone else’s, but mine has always been more of a time for introspection…to evaluate how life is going…propose changes to myself. It’s akin to how people feel about the New Year.

The definition of June is a pretty simple one: “The 6th month of the year, usually the first month of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.”

It’s also the mid-point of the year. That time where you either comment on the speed at which January to June sped by or you hope that the rest of your year is better than the first half.

June is a rest stop on the road of life, where we pull off to the side of the road for a moment to assess and regroup. We smell the flowers, kick the tires, open up the windows and stay up too late because the days get longer.

June makes me smile. Even when everything is going crazy in the world, June will wink at me to calm me down.

My hope is that everyone has a month that brings comfort and is there for them. 🙂

“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.”  -Al Bernstein