I’m writing my fourth and final book in a series. Scratch that. I’m supposed to be writing.

Yesterday I marched myself up to my writing room with the sole intention of getting some words on paper.

Let’s just say a closet has been cleaned out, furniture dusted, drawers de-cluttered, but not one word has been penned.

Today, I’d like to hang some art…maybe read a few articles. More procrastination.

There is so much pressure to finish well. Not from anyone but me, but it’s paralyzing all the same. And I know that the Line of Enya series isn’t my best work (Museum Underground would be my pick).

But, within the pages of the Line of Enya series live some characters who were flesh and bone. When I started writing the first book, it was a therapeutic way to remember my grandparents. Within the fictional landscape, Grammy and Grampy were real.

So, as I sit in front of the computer writing this instead of what I should be doing- I hear Grammy’s sweet, encouraging words:

“Don’t dawdle! The suns been up for hours!”

Oh how I wish she could yell at me just one more time and erase this paralyzing grief.

“When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” – Willy Shakespeare

“No Legacy is so rich as honesty.” – Willy S.

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