Road Work – Friday Rambling – Wk 26

The road work going on in my town is out of control. Sidewalks are cropping up, asphalt is being smoothed over roads, routes are being demolished and, obviously, it’s taking longer to get around.

The collection of road signs dot the landscape: bump, detour, one-way, do not enter and so on.

When thinking about personal improvement, it would be nice if we could wear warning signs to alert others of the “work in progress” happening in our lives. Our faults called out on a shirt, alleviating those around us from having to distastefully “discover” our short-comings.

My warnings would consist of a multitude of things and might vary, depending on the day. But, variances aside- there are standard issues that occur on a daily basis.

I’m incredibly impatient. Not so much with things I can’t control, but with things other people should be controlling i/e: ignorance, lack of driving etiquette, whining, rude behavior, etc.

My faith may annoy you. I’m unapologetically Christian and what you think about that doesn’t matter. I answer to God and God alone. It’s not up for debate. I will gladly entertain discussions, but trying to change my mind is a waste of precious minutes. In the same regard, I will never shove my faith down your throat. Ever. If God wants your attention, He certainly doesn’t need my help to get it!

Confrontation is beneficial. I’d add this on my t-shirt as a warning because, apparently, not everyone feels this way. Without bouts of respectful confrontation, things become stagnant…mundane. This bores me. There is one caveat- if a person is totally cracked over an issue and cannot communicate with a level head- not interested.

I answer questions honestly. For example, if your butt is big- no pair of pants, dress or other article of clothing will make it appear otherwise. This trait of mine is most annoying for people who have surrounded themselves with liars. Some people gobble up flattery without any regard for how it skirts the edge of reality. Compliments should always be real. (I have yet to meet anyone who isn’t worthy of some form of honest praise).

I will ask questions. Maybe too many questions. Occasionally, personal or uncomfortable questions. If I’m spending time with you, I value you as a person and want to know you on a deep, loving level. You matter to me.

Those are all the standard warnings. There are days I don’t shower, days I’m sad, days I’m stressed from work, but those are not every day occurrences.

We are all a work in progress. Luckily, my two friends are very accepting.

What would your warnings say?

Have a great weekend, friends! Love you dearly! ❤

“Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

“You save the humble
    but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.
You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;
    my God turns my darkness into light.” – Psalm 18:27-28

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