Impatience – Friday Rambling – Wk 23

Patient: Bearing pains or trials calmly and without complaint.

I’ve never been overly patient, nor am I a good patient. I’m not proud of these facts, but I think I’ve made strides. Although, not as quickly as I could have. (I lack patience with myself just as much as anything else, but it pleases me that I’m consistent).

Recently, I spent time in a hospital. It was an overnight stay that felt more like a solid week. They claimed that my shoes had gone missing, but I still believe I’d been correctly identified as a flight risk and my shoes taken for the duration of my imprisonment, er, my punishment…whatever they call it.

The nurses came at me with all kinds of random medications, but I stopped them, asking about the purpose of each one. One medication was a blood-thinner, used to prevent clots.

“I don’t have an issue with clots,” I explained.

“But, you’ve been in bed,” the nurse said, poised to administer the drug.

“Then let me out of bed so I can walk around.”

“You’re able to walk?”


I “refused” four different, unnecessary medications during my sentence. That’s how they phrased my disobedience: “refusal.” Then, because the doctor kept prescribing the same things, they would ask me if I wanted the medication. I said no. They would record something in the computer and throw the medication away. What a waste. It probably cost the insurance company or me hundreds of dollars.

Admittedly, I’m impatient, but not rude. I treated everyone with respect and kindness. Even when they snuck an extra medication into the IV, thinking they were slick because I didn’t ask. I’m going to get the hospital records and take a look.

It made me think of the patients around the globe that don’t have an advocate to speak up for them. How is it, I was never asked if I could walk, but also never asked if I wanted any of the medications? And why would you assume I couldn’t walk? If you can ask me if I’m still sexually active, I think my ability to walk is not going to be a shocking follow-up question. And if you didn’t think I could walk, why’d you abscond with my shoes?

But, I realized- they don’t want you to walk… just stay in bed and take your medicine. Like a “good” patient.


We forget we have a right to say that word sometimes.

Everyone wants to tell you that the right answer is: “yes.”

No, it’s not.

Have a great weekend, friends (or don’t). 🙂 Love you!! ❤

Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.” – Josh Billings

“But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’”- Matthew 5:37a

4 thoughts on “Impatience – Friday Rambling – Wk 23”

  1. Loved this entry! So many people are guilted into saying “yes” when they realize they should’ve said no; when they understand they made a mistake, they try to peer pressure the rest of us into following along so they don’t feel stupid. The whole country is basically falling for the “yes” trap with political correctedness! I hope folks come to their sense soon.

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