Minimalism- Friday Rambling- WK 11

I’ve been looking into the idea of living more with less. In no way do I ascribe to a hoarder mentality, but there are a couple of areas that need to be addressed: more Christmas decorations than a house can hold and interesting dishes that may rarely, if ever, get used.

On top of that, my wardrobe often houses a skinnier version of itself…just in case. Books line my shelves that haven’t been cracked in ages. Notepads or notebooks fill my desk drawer. On their own, these issues are not overwhelming, but all together, it’s simply too much “stuff.”

This week I rid the house of 7-8 cookbooks and three platters. It’s a start. Seeing the box filled up felt like an accomplishment until I realized that the box was from Amazon and we’d received more “stuff” in it, earlier that week.

I want to stand outside of my closets and try to name everything in there. Anything not called out, has to go. That would clear up a lot of space (mostly because my memory is so pitiful).

There are “movie night” napkins that I’ve been holding onto for years. It’s not like we haven’t seen any movies! Am I waiting for the queen to arrive and watch Sharknado?

Someone once laid out a couple of rules for me to combat having too much “stuff.” Rule 1: If you’re saving things for the future or keeping things that remind you of the past, you’re not living in the present. Rule 2: If you can replace an item (except first aid stuff) in 20 minutes, for less than 20 dollars- donate it. The space is more important. Rule 3: When you bring an item into the house, another item needs to go.

In order to accept these ideas, I might want to stop calling them rules- I don’t do well with anything called a “rule” and immediately figure out a way to break or skirt it. (I’m such a toddler).

Something else occurs to me: I also have a collection of things given to me over the years that either are from friends or remind me of others that are no longer with us. As I age, it keeps getting bigger!

Will I ever be a one-plate-for-every-member-of-the-household kinda gal? Or be able to see the bottom of every closet in the house?

I have no idea, but I’m realizing that “stuff” is starting to make me fussy and I’m positive my family would rather get rid of some items than have to live with that! 🙂

Love you friends!! ❤ Get rid of some stuff this weekend!

“God has given us two hands – one to receive with and the other to give with. We are not cisterns made for hoarding; we are channels made for sharing.” – Billy Graham

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