My Furry Coworkers

Last week the number of Covid cases rose in my state, so my boss had all office employees work from home.

I don’t mind it. When I need to boost my productivity- I wear a bra. The coffee is better and I enjoy the workplace culture which involves more dog hair.

It has always been a mystery to me how two children raised in the same house, by the same parents, could turn out so differently. In the same respect- our dogs have opposite personalities.

Our female dog, Babs, is the worst kind of supervisor. Constantly checking in with progress, micro-managing, demanding certain things (to be pet, let out when asked, and an occasional treat). She follows me around…does a bit of stalking to be fair. (That’s her in the picture). And just when a big project is due or a deadline looms, she can be heard snoring loudly from a nearby room.

Our other dog, a male named Hurley, never has a clue what’s going on. When I walk down the stairs (in my own house, mind you), he barks. I question if he’s alerting me of my own presence or merely yelling at me because I woke him up. Either way, he’s a shouter and uninformed about everything.

Hurley is the type of co-worker that has the teacup ride spinning around behind his eyes, trying to accomplish a great deal with no organizational skills or attention span. If nothing else, it can be highly entertaining, but you secretly hope you never have to work on a project with him because he’d be useless.

They subscribe to long lunches and too many breaks, wrestling with each other in the living room or chasing squirrels around the back yard. They never earn their keep and don’t always exude the best aroma. They’re easily distracted…God forbid someone walks down our street. Apparently, that’s not allowed.

With all that said- They show up every day and tolerate me. Everyone should be so lucky…

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