The cold weather takes it out of me. If the opportunity ever presents itself to move somewhere warmer, I’m taking it.

Until then, the idea of hibernation seems so lovely. There is a post that circulates on Facebook, saying- “Could you live in this cabin with no internet and no TV for one month? At the end you’d receive 100K.”

This boggles my mind! Wait! You mean, I don’t have to PAY to do that?

Many of the younger generations coming up would be horrified by the prospect of living without those amenities, but the greedier ones would at least give it a shot. You know, so they could tell everyone about it on social media, when they were “released.”

It saddens me to think that very few kids growing up today will ever know this world without constant noise. Instead…snapchat, insta, dating apps, twitter, reddit, spotify, etc.

No peace.

It’s no surprise why so many are depressed. No time spent with ourselves, so we can first enjoy and understand who we are before being inundated with everyone else’s opinions, pictures, agendas or stories.

I merely want to go somewhere and shut the world out for a time. After a great deal of sleeping, reading, writing, numerous baths, intimate chats with God, and delicious meals, I would emerge refreshed.

My life would still be far from perfect, but I’d have more peace about it.

We could all use a little more peace!

Happy New Year!





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