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October Celebration

Deep thoughts swirl around inside my head sometimes. Not today. A house on our block had a party last night. A very loud party that started at 6pm. To be honest, it could have just been one person yelling into a microphone while playing loud music in the background. It's the only sound I heard… Continue reading October Celebration

Three Long Months…

I've been a bad girl, realizing the other day that I hadn't written a blog post in almost three months (or 12 weeks... 90 days...129,600 minutes- however you like time communicated). Did you see what happened there? I supplied 4 different ways to express the same passage of time. There are quite a few more,… Continue reading Three Long Months…

Weary of Fear

I'm exhausted by the continual onslaught of fear-based (fill-in-the-blank). There are things, people or situations to be fearful of, but to live your life as a slave to fear is such a tiresome path. Fear infects our decision-making processes. We choose to stand still, lingering in the "fear of the unknown," manufacturing all the scary… Continue reading Weary of Fear