Less than 24 hours ago, a young girl was dumped by her boyfriend.

She’s devastated, in addition to experiencing every other emotion known to mankind.

Attempting to talk to her about the situation was fruitless. Words have no healing power after the loss of a first love. You just offer up company and conversation when it’s needed.

I can remember what that felt like- the pain of love lost or a love that never became what you had hoped.

Conversations were spoken like everyone was under water…the muffled sounds never quite reaching any destination of importance.

You didn’t notice the effort it took to breathe before, but there is difficulty in the ordinary.

Emotions bubbled up to the surface, with no way to know which one would pop up next.

You’d look around at the world and wonder how people are just going about their business, like nothing happened. Why there are planes in the air and cars on the road. Don’t they understand?

The mailman still delivers unwanted envelopes.

You’re reminded of something and smile, then cry at the memories that will never come to be.

Songs you can no longer hear. A scent that floods your being.

If you’re lucky, it doesn’t break you. Doesn’t make you lose hope. But, it changes you.

It makes you navigate uncharted waters and doubt choices. You struggle. You hurt. You grow.

And, eventually, my beautiful daughter, you mend stronger and more resilient than you could have ever been before.

I love you. So much.





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