Bad Review

Well, it had to happen some time. I received my first harsh review on Amazon. It could have been worse, and scored a one or two out of five, but three out of five still hurt a bit.

Here it is:

I chose 3 stars because, while story was good, it ended abruptly in a cliffhanger. This really irritated me, as I see it as a tool to get the reader to buy the next book in series. A good story doesn’t need that incentive, the reader will be anxious for the next one, not feeling cheated out of their leisure time by a lazy author.

Oh boy. There is a lot for me to say about this, but it will be sufficient to highlight the major points. This person liked the story (which means more to me than the other comments that were made in the review).

The way the book ended irritated me too. When I finished, I re-read the last line over and over again…wondering if more needed to be said. No, I thought- the reader can decide for themselves what happens. However, after the beta reading was complete- everyone thought there needed to be another book. Arguing the point was only possible for so long, when seriously outnumbered.

So I set out to start the second book. Begrudgingly, painfully and resigned to the fact that it should be completed within a year. If readers thought there should be a sequel, I wouldn’t want them to have to wait for it.

The reader who left this review, most likely downloaded the book while it was free. There were over 8,000 free downloads in five days. So, I am glad she didn’t pay for something that irritated her. No matter how I would have ended it- there would be cause to call it a cliffhanger.

Everyone has the right to their opinion, and this book is not for everyone, but it’s the last line of the review that makes me laugh. “…not feeling cheated out of their leisure time by a lazy author.” I wonder why people feel the need to judge and name-call? This person has never met me, yet based on the way I ended a book- she assumes there must be laziness at work?

I truly hope she will find better reading in her leisure time. I’ll just be over here working full time, raising a family, running a household, trying to make time to write a second book, and dreaming about someday having this thing she calls “leisure time.”


The Lazy Author 🙂


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  1. I just finished your book, you lazy author! I just loved it. I fell in love love with the charactors and got a glimpse of the future book in my imagination. I also see the author in the child whose mother abandoned her when she was three. Also, the closeness with her gramma was awesome.

    I can’t wait to read the second book either this year or next. Lol.
    You have surprised me with your talent to no end. Love you !!!

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