I recently watched an interview with retired Bishop, Desmond Tutu. The most interesting thing about the interview was that the man could be dead serious one moment, and assaulting the air with his contagious laughter the next.

As often the case, my retention of any speech or interview is poor. In the end, I am left holding one or two main points that struck me, while scratching my head over the rest.

This is my takeaway (which is in no way a verbatim account):

–To be human, our humanity is bound up in one another. God created us in such a way that we can not be human on our own.– (Drop the mic).

I have many friends that would argue this point because they always say that they don’t like people. However, these same people have at least one person that they love and wouldn’t want to do without. So, it’s a contradiction to broadly proclaim you don’t like people. The bottom line is that we would not know how to be “human” without one another. And that fact is both comforting and aggravating all at the same time.

Yesterday, I traveled to an Amish community for the opening day of their summer flea market. It was 45 degrees and miserable. Thankfully, two friends were with me and made the trip bearable. Had they not been there, I’m not sure I would have endured the windy, rainy aisles on my own. 

There was a lovely Amish woman selling various bird houses and feeders. She proudly informed us that her husband had made them out of recycled milk carton material, the process being similar to press board. I perused her beautiful wares and selected a bird house and feeder for my mother-in-law as gifts. 

The milk cartons served their original purpose. Then, they were molded and changed to become something completely different. And now, they were reformed to either house life or feed it.

Life is not a simple path. One moment it is dead serious, and the next- incredibly fun. Without other human loved ones- I’m not sure it would be bearable on my own. birdfeeder


2 thoughts on “Humanity”

  1. I like your observation about the birdhouse…repurposed to feed and give shelter. There may be hope for humanity yet, IF it is touched by The hand of one who can transform it!

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